Monday, June 3, 2013

How Biker Clothing Can Be Fashionable

While it's most important function is to keep you safe, motorcycle gear can also look appealing. Your biker gear is important for a variety of different reasons, but it crucially will help you avoid injury. Motorcycle gear is designed to be comfortable but functional at the same time.

First, you will need a biker jacket. Biker jackets are expensive but one of the most important aspects of the biker gear. As a piece of apparel, a biker jacket is what will get you the admiration of your biker buddies and friends. This piece of equipment is crucial for making sure that you don't look stupid amongst your biker buddies who will be expecting to see you dressed for the occasion.

Secondly, you will need the right helmet to match your outfit. Helmets are important for protecting your head, but they are the first thing that people notice when you are riding your bike. Because it is the first piece of biker gear people notice, make sure that your helmet has a sleek appearance. Most importantly, make sure that the helmet fully covers your face and is compliant with all state laws. A motorcycle helmet is what keeps your head from the pavement.

Your biker gear set won't be complete without a set of leather boots. When you walk into the bar, you want to be able to look like a tough motorcycle guy. The right pair of motorcycle boots will help you do just that and everyone will be turning their heads. It makes you look cooler because you will have a tough image from wearing leather boots.

It's your choice whether you want to have a "racer" look or a "western" look. It depends on the bike, but make sure that you are choosing a style of biker gear that matches your bike. If you drive a Harley, perhaps you might want to go with the western look.

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